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HIL at a glance

HIL International Lawyers & Advisers is a Dutch law firm with more than two decades of experience in handling cross border transactions and disputes, in particular with respect to China. HIL was the first Dutch firm to be granted a license from the Chinese Ministry of Justice to operate a foreign law firm branch in China in 2004.

Over the years our practice has grown into a global practice of transactions involving the Netherlands and China. HIL assist and represent Chinese and foreign companies in cross border transactions such as M&A, joint ventures, strategic alliances, business process outsourcing, technology transfer, agency & distributorship. Our areas of legal expertise include corporate, commercial, employment, corporate immigration, IP, communications and technology, compliance & regulatory in different industries and tax law. We regularly conduct cross border arbitration and litigation on disputes in these fields on behalf of our clients.

HIL maintains long term and intensive relationships with its clients consisting of leading MNCs and mid-sized businesses. We achieve this by understanding our client’s business, ambitions and concerns. In time, our client base has become truly international and our services have obtained a global reach.

HIL actively participates in knowledge exchange programs with top universities in the Netherlands and China such as Wageningen University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai.